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I remember when I wanted to buy my first phone, I wasn't quiet sure that either I will get what I need or I will pay for something that I won't use at all, or I will pay more than it worth. All these many questions repeated in my brain ever after I wanted to buy a new phone. What I would say is technology is changing so quick so I wasn't able to tell that I know enough about what I needed when it comes to a phone.

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So to solve this problem I created my own criteria.

I would really love to share with you if it might help you someday. 

Before we dig deep into it I would say that buying anything one cash with one of payment is a lot better than buying on instalment that you will end up paying way more than the product is worth, obviously because you will have to pay interest unless it is interest free.

Yeah, I do understand that sometimes buying on instalments is also a good idea when you are actually using the device for business and you expense out every month the instalment that you pay. This gives you a leverage for the money and also the latest gear that you need in order to run your business. 

Apart form that if it is for your personal use, you must always look for what you need and buy with one of payment. Actually this is way I am writing tis article which is the essence of my writing, which leads us to buy a good phone with great and reasonable price, which should fulfil your need entirely.

Alright let me tell you what are the key points that you have to think about before buying new phone.

1-What I need it for ? 

This is very tricky question, but you have to answer it very carefully. For example I need a phone for my day to day personal use. Once this is clear than we more to next point.

2- What I normally do with the phone ?

As we all know that the phones are technologically very advances these days, they can do pretty much everything, but most often we need some of the features not all of them. Let me give you an example. I need the phone only to make and answer calls nothing more. I would not need a mobile phone which has 20 Mega Pixal  camera in it, which will only cost me extra and no utility for me. This is the place where we pay for something that we don't need. You can always contact and ask the seller of what exactly you need and the what is the cheapest phone that can do your job.

In this example a phone worth of £20 can do my job amazingly. where as I could buy a £1000 Apple iPhone which will also do my job perfectly but will have a lot other features that I don't need. So let me guess how much you might pay extra in that case is £980.

3- How long you intended to use the phone ?

This is also very important that you should know that how long you want to use that phone. Because as I earlier said that technology is changing very quickly and there are new and new features are coming and old phones are becoming obsolete so you will need to know how long you want to use the phone so you should buy the phone which should provide you support up until that or closer period of time. Roughly speaking the brand new phone life is considered 2 to 3 years. After that you normally have to replace the phone. But in case someone want to use the phone only for 6 months he could use the phone 2 and half year old phone without any problem. 

So you should always keep in mind that whichever option you are choosing that phone will not become out dated before I intended to change, unless it is broken or damaged.

Every since I started using this self questioning technique, I am always buying the good phone which is helping me carry out my day to day routine task within very reasonable budget without spending extra.

I hope this article will be a little help for you. If you find it helpful please share it with others. If you want to know about something that I might have missed please leave your comments and I will update it as soon as possible.



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