iProFix Limited 

We are well known on different online marketplaces as trusted seller and our aim is to provide the best services to our customers.

The idea of the company came from the concept that there are many people as an end used or simply retailer, they are unable to find a unified platform where they could buy almost everything related to electronics either it could be the device or the replacement parts of the device.

We took initiative to develop an online place where you could easily find and buy the device either it is a phone, laptop, camera or their parts. We have everything.

We also aim to provide the parts of electronics, which would include not only the major parts but the minor parts as well, i.e SMD components, chip ic as well.

Our platform is quite unique because we provide sales and support for the electronic goods. Our support is not only limited to the level on the phone. We provide parts if you need to replace on the device. We can repair for you the device that you bought from us within very cost effective options.

The services we provide are listed here.

  • Sell Computers.
  • Sell Laptops.
  • Sell Mobile Phones.
  • Sell Accessories.
  • Sell Computers Parts.
  • Sell Laptop Parts.
  • Sell Mobile Phone Parts.
  • Sell LCD's Computers, Laptops, Mobile etc.
  • Sell SMD Components & Chip IC's.
  • Sell Decoration Items.
  • Sell Repair Tools.
  • Sell Software's.
  • Sell Gaming Products e.g. Gaming PC's, GPU, Accessories & Parts.
  • Sell CCTV & Internet Items i.e. Modem, Routers, Switches, Cable.
  • Repair Mobile Phones.
  • Repair Computers
  • Repair for Laptops, MacBook.
  • Repairs of Electronics i.e. Drones, Cameras, TV etc.

 We keep updating this list whenever we add new service to our platform. If you want us to inform you right away then please subscribe to our new letter and we will keep you updated about latest news, offers and products.

 We are open to suggestions if you think there is something we need to improve please let us know and it will be highly appreciated.