iProfix Guarantee

The products within certain price expectrum buyed from iProFix.co.uk or the equivalent shop in other marketplace will come with a limited warranty.
The Warranty duration can be found at the end of the title of the product in IProFix.co.uk or in the description in the other marketplaces.

Here in iProfix Website our Warranty works by codes at the end of the title:

-W6M  :  Warranty of 6 Months
-W1Y  :  Warranty of 1 Year 

This basically means that during that period in the warranty after you buy your device you are covered for any software or hardware malfunctions outwith your control (malfunctioning touchscreen, loose battery, etc.).

However, if you lose, knock down, break your phone or if it is oxidized (you get it wet), the iProFix Guarantee will not apply.
In addition, if the device is opened or tampered with by a third-party (other than the refurbisher) the warranty will also be invalidated.

So if a malfunction has developed on your device but it has already been broken/oxidized/opened by a third-party or shows signs of impact following a fall or a shock, the warranty will no longer apply and the refurbisher will not be required to take care of your after-sales request.

Keep in mind as well that waterproofing is never kept on refurbished products. Devices are opened during the refurbishment process so that tests and repairs can be carried out on the product. As a result, the seal on originally waterproof models is not guaranteed on the refurbished products sold on iProFix.

In the case of a hardware or software defect with the product, we are obligated to repair or offer a replacement for the device.

You're only eligible for a refund if the seller can NOT repair or replace the defective device for you. The refund will came in the shape of a voucher with the value of the price of the product to spend in iProfix.co.uk.

When encountering a defect it's imperative that you communicate ALL of the issues you are encountering with your device. If you don't report all of the defects to the us we are NOT obligated to repair or replace your defective device.

If you have any issues with your device within the warranty period then make sure to put a claim here.
A refund is only possible if you are still within the 14-day returns period or if the merchant is unable to repair the device or replace it within the deadlines set by Back Market.

To contact the refurbisher, please click on this link,Once your request is submitted, the refurbisher will provide you with instructions within 24 hours to arrange the handling of your request. -- For more info or additional help, you can also contact us directly via this contact form.