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Introducing the KitSound™ OUTRUN Earphones

Ignore the world, and concentrate on the road before you with the KitSound OUTRUN. Wireless technology with easy to use track controls, this is the best way to enjoy your exercise with your music.

Perfect for your workouts

Make sure that you stand out when you work out, as these soft touch earphones come in a range of colours. The track controls that are built-in mean that you can easily change the song without you needing to use your device, and with call handling capability, you can easily catch up with friends as you race past the world.

Great sound

Music has been scientifically proven to give us more drive to push our bodies further, and the KitSound OUTRUN earphones have 10 mm drivers to create rich and powerful sound. If you want to run for hours, your earphones are there with you: they have a play time of up to 6 hours so you can pick up the pace again and again.

Custom fit

The KitSound OUTRUN earphones have been created with comfort and stability in mind, so choose your earbud size and slide the ear hook behind your ear – so just like the rest of your fitness equipment, you can be confident that everything you’re wearing is helping you reach your best.


• Drivers: 10 mm
• Frequency response: 180 - 20000 Hz
• Wireless connectivity range: 10 m
• Battery type: LiPo, rechargeable
• Play time: up to 6 hours

Compatible with almost any bluetooth enabled mobile phone, device or accessory.

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