Lite-am Universal 90W 19V-20V 3A-4.7A Automatic Voltage Selection Laptop UNI90

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Compatibility: For HP/Compaq 18.5v-2.7a/3.5a/3.8a/4.9a, 19v-4.7a | IBM/Lenovo 20v/3.25a, 20v/4.5a | Dell 19v-3.16a/3.42a, 19.5v-3.34/4.62a | Toshiba/Asus/Lenovo 19v/3.42a,19v/3.95a, 19v/4.7a

Output Voltage & Current: 19V-20V 3.42A-4.74A | Input Voltage: 100-240V 50-60Hz 2.0A

Power 90 Watt | DC Pin Connectors: 10 Tips Ranging from 3A-4.74A (Auto Voltage and Amps Change)

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